Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Homemade Christmas Card That They Will Cherish

The Christmas card is part of the folklore. If you are one of the crowd who send and receive them, you know how special it can be to receive a homemade Christmas card from a friend you haven't heard from. You put them up in treasured places in your home to think about those friends throughout the holiday season.

But we are busy people and it gets tricky and time consuming to find the time to get everything on the cards we send out. Yet there are some things you can do to give a personalized message to your treasured friends. Here are some ideas for you.

Family Christmas Cards - Print

This is a great way to provide a personal touch for your adored ones. Your recipients will relish this photo of you and your family for years to come.

You don't have to dress up and head to the trained photographer, either. You can simply send a candid shot that will show more of you than any professionally positioned one. Not only do photos provide a glance at what you have been up to, but they provide a lasting reminiscence that you are sharing.

You can easily make copies of many of your treasured photos and distribute them to anyone on your list.

Create A Collage

If you have some time, a collage can be a delightful way to use old cards that you have stashed away. Cut up the cards and reassemble them to create new ones. You can make beautiful patterns and, to finish these cards off, add photographs or even a bauble inside.

You can find a large enough envelope so that you can make them virtually any size or shape that you would like. These cards will stand out when you give them away. Let your imagination go and find a surprising way to use these old cards to bring more meaning to them.

Inside Counts In Addition

You should make sure that the inside of your card is just as personalized. You should tailor your dedication to the individual.

Write what you feel, not necessarily the usual Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Allow your sense of humor and character to come through.

Have your family work with you to make an even better card. It may take a little longer, but it is well worth it. Maybe you can even get a practice going when you send them out and next year you receive the same type of card back from your family and friends.

Instead of prancing through the department store this year looking at the large selection of canned Christmas cards that all seem to be the same, create something new and completely exclusive.

You can create and personalize a card without much energy or you can go all out. This is a great way to personalize an old tradition.

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