Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Idea - Email Gift Cards

For environmentally conscious shoppers, Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a struggle - all that wrapping paper and packaging to throw away, not to mention the fact that either you or a delivery van are likely to be driving around and burning fossil fuels. Gift cards are a popular option, and they are certainly more eco-friendly than most presents, but what happens to that little plastic card once your balance is used up?

So what's a green solution for all the environmental woes associated with Christmas gift giving? Here's a suggestion: email gift cards. Want to know why they're really the best option for a "green" Christmas? Read on!

Shop at home: No need to drive out or pump out fumes while idling in traffic - there are lots of options to get your virtual gift card at the click of a mouse and in the comfort of your own home.
No waste: There's no need for wrapping paper, there's no packaging and no physical card to be shipped (and then discarded when it's used up)!
Ship shape: Since it doesn't need to be shipped, you also won't need to pay delivery charges to send out an e-gift card.
Point of no return: Your recipient will be choosing their own Christmas gift, so there's a lower likelihood that your gift will get returned - and therefore, less of a chance that someone will be driving around looking for a parking space at the mall! To be extra safe, choose one for a store with a wide variety of products, like a JCPenney e-Gift Card, so your recipient will have lots of options.

There are many online deals available to help you get gift cards for less for the 2010 holidays, so look out for deals like cash back rewards, mail-in rebates to save. Have a merry Christmas!

Check out eBillme's gift card mall for tons of deals and discounted gift cards for the 2010 holidays!

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