Monday, December 12, 2011

Chocolate Logos For Christmas - 3 Unique Holiday Business Gift Ideas!

What is universally unique, universally loved, and able to be shared? Chocolate! What better way for your business to give chocolate than to have your logo printed, molded, stamped, or shaped into a custom chocolate logo representation. Chocolate Logos for the Holidays-the perfect executive Christmas gift--for the VIP who has everything, the sales rep that's won the contests, and vendors bored with the popcorn.

Do you know there are at least 15 different kinds of chocolate logos? And at least 20 different types of chocolate available? From Hershey's to Ghirardelli to Swiss logo chocolate, you can have your choice of chocolate logos incorporated into gift baskets, chocolate logo samplers, and business cards. There are many unique gift ideas using chocolate logos. Are you ready for a trip to corporate chocolate logo chocolate land? Well, here we go!

As savvy marketing people know, it important to seize opportunity to remember VIP clients, sales reps and employees at Christmastime, but what to get everyone? Finding something unique to please a wide variety of people, and in keeping with the holiday spirit is a challenge. This year, logo chocolates are my Number One choice for unique holiday business gift ideas.

Here are 3 ways to incorporate your brand or logo into a chocolate logo gift that is both memorable and enjoyable:

Chocolate Logo Truffles: A box of Chocolate Truffles for Business-to-Business giving. Deliver it to an office, and see how the entire office will have no trouble remembering where that box of truffles came from. Each time they pick put one in their mouth; they see your logo on the most tasty, elegant, truffle ever!

Logo Chocolate Business Cards: There is a new printing process whereby you a photo can be transferred to the top of a business card-sized piece of chocolate. Take that photo of your staff, business card design, brand or logo, and have packaged in a small gold foil box with a tiny ribbon around it, that says Happy Holidays from your company. These are idea holiday business gift ideas for sales reps that want to be remembered.

Shaped Logo Chocolates: Having been in the business gift business for over 20 years, I have done such things as hammers for a general contractor, cell phones for the cell phone company, even a lipstick tube to a make up company. Sometimes the logo is on the package, and sometimes stamped into the chocolate item. There are may pre-made stock shapes available to be customized with your company logo, without additional mold charges. Custom shapes can be created in any shape thinkable.

Need a unique holiday business gift? Think chocolate logos, the gift everyone will love and remember. Holidays are for memories, and warm fuzzies. Chocolate logos will be loved and remembered by VIP clients, vendors, sales staff and employees alike! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and wishing you a Prosperous New Year!

Ms Nelson is a writer/creative entrpreneur and owner of The AdStuff Company (; and is an executive gift shopping consultant. Ms. Nelson has been nominated twice for WORKING WOMEN'S MAGAZINE'S Entrepreneuial Excellence Award and is also a 2008 Ms. Coporate America Finalist. You may reach her at 1-888-ADSTUFF x 1 (1-888-237-8833 x 1) for a complimentary personal shopper consulation or email her at

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