Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Find Christmas Cards for Businesses

It's the little things that make a person stand out from the crowd. If you are in business, you will want to know these details because it will give you an edge over your other competitors. One way to do this is by showing value to your client and sending them a beautiful business Christmas card this holiday season.

For most people, sending Christmas cards for businesses is a concept that they do not understand. They're thinking, Christmas is a season for family and good feelings-bringing business into it might taint the whole spirit of Christmas and nobody wants that, right?

The truth of the matter is Christmas IS a season where you celebrate giving and relationships-why wouldn't you include your business contacts in this? If you think about it, your clients are people like everybody else and keeping them in the "work" box is robbing the both of you the opportunity to create more value for each other. Business is, after all, building relationships and what better way to do this than by sending a business Christmas card to them.

Now, there are a few things you need to know about sending your client a business Christmas card and the first one is to know the recipient's religious beliefs. While most people celebrate Christmas, there might be a few people in your contact list who do not observe this particular holiday because of their custom or faith. It might be more appropriate to send them a card on New Year instead.

It will be easier if you can organize your client list together before starting so you have an idea on the number of cards that you are going to send out. Don't just type out a message because it will look impersonal and defeat your purpose. Block out a time in your schedule so you can write out your Christmas greeting in your own handwriting. Try to include something personal in each message that shows your client that you know what's going on in their lives and you value them. For example, "Dear John, Merry Christmas! I hope your dad is recuperating from his procedure co he can enjoy your wife's delicious apple pie soon enough. Have a wonderful time with your family this season!" A sincere message that shows you care will mean a lot to any person.

If you don't have that close relationship with your client yet, then do not make it too personal and risk offending them and embarrassing yourself. You can express gratitude for their business, look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and wish them well. Find a balance between being professional and warm in your Christmas message to them.

More than anything, invest in the Christmas cards for businesses that you give out. Never scrimp on these cards by doing it yourself and using cheap materials for it. It will reflect poorly on your professionalism and compromise your business relationship with them. A simple and elegant Christmas card with an appropriate handwritten message will go a long way in building relationships and establishing your image.

Address your business card with the proper title like "Mr. John Smith" or "Miss Brenda Curtis". Do not use professional initials after their names. Use the appropriate title instead like "Dr. Lisa Hart" not "Lisa Hart M.D." If you know them personally, then it's OK to send the cards to their home address, otherwise, address holiday cards and gifts to their office. Include your mobile number and email address under your name and signature for clients who may want to contact you for new business.

Don't forget that Christmas is one of the busiest times in the year so mail out your Christmas business cards early, around December 15 is a good time to send them out. If your clients are located abroad, then send them out much earlier so it will reach them on time.

Find beautiful a Christmas business card to send to your clients and colleagues. These Christmas cards for businesses are made with excellent quality and exquisite designs that would impress anyone. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year ahead!

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