Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Green Gift Ideas For a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

It's the thought that counts. At least that's what they say. So how about thinking enough of your loved ones, or even liked ones, to not send them an exquisitely packaged basket of preservatives and assorted toxic chemicals, typical of the majority of gift baskets? What better way to spread joy to the world than to send healthy gifts and preserve the planet in the process?

You can find premade economical and eco friendly gift baskets filled with everything from organic fruit and biodynamic wine to all natural handmade chocolates and organic coffee. Due to the growing popularity of custom gift baskets, many companies will even allow you to create your own. If you prefer to be even more hands-on, doing it yourself doesn't have to be time consuming. Don't be afraid to think outside of the green gift basket though. Opt for a reusable canvas bag or container, like a wooden or recycled glass bowl. Rummage through the garage for a decorative box you can repurpose.

You're limited only by your imagination. Your favorite gardener is bound to give you two green thumbs up for sending a few eco friendly tools and organic seeds packaged in a flower pot or compost bin. Try bundling items like organic pasta and sauce, or an organic cotton apron and bamboo cutting board in a clay pot for the organic chef in your family. Even herbal tea or hot chocolate in a pair of mugs, would warm anyone's heart as much as their body. Not only will every part of your gift be usable and reusable, but the thoughtfulness will help ensure a very Merry Green Christmas.

Spa gift baskets are another crowd pleaser, especially after the stress of the holidays and life in general. Just make sure that the all natural skin care products you choose are actually that. So many companies are capitalizing on the implications of buzz words like pure and plant-based. Certified organic, for example, means there only has to be 70% organic ingredients, and it does not mean chemical free. No harsh chemicals, doesn't necessarily mean no chemicals.

Non-toxic doesn't necessarily mean natural. Natural doesn't necessarily mean all-natural. A product can still contain synthetics and toxins. Made with natural ingredients does not have to mean made entirely of "natural" ingredients. All natural doesn't even have to mean what one would think of as all natural, because use of the phrase is not regulated. As a hard and fast rule, look for products where you can pronounce all of the ingredients and actually know what they are.

Scented candles are a popular stocking stuffer, but they can be as dangerous as a lump of coal. Unfortunately, the majority of conventional candles on the market actually stink, given that they're made of petroleum-based paraffin wax, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances and have metal-cored wicks. Those made from renewable sources like soy, preferably non-GMO, beeswax, vegetable or palm wax, and use pure essential oils for fragrance are all excellent choices for a cleaner and longer burn. Other possibilities for those on your nice list can include all natural perfume, mineral makeup samples, conflict free diamond jewelry, organic cookies, and recycled paper journals.

Inevitably, there will be someone who was forgotten in the holiday shopping frenzy. They however don't have to know that they were overlooked. Paperless gifts like digital magazine subscriptions or downloadable audiobooks make very thoughtful last minute eco friendly gifts. There's so much talk of going green throughout the year. But clearly green gifts are the way to go, for Christmas, or any other occasion. That way when you sign the card (or email), sincerely, love, warmest regards, get well or thinking of you, it will be obvious that you actually mean it.

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